Dental Bridges

Have you considered changing your smile and getting rid of the gap left after losing teeth? We can help you at Camelback Family Dental Care by doing dental bridges which work to fill in the missing teeth area with functional false teeth. There are several kinds of bridges, which your dentist can discuss in more detail at your next appointment.

Traditional Bridges

Traditional bridges are used to place false teeth in the mouth which are held in place by crowns cemented onto adjacent teeth. These are a very popular method to restoring teeth, but they require that patients have teeth on either side of the area missing a tooth or teeth.

Cantilever Bridges

Cantilever bridges are unique and are used when only one side of the gap has teeth adjacent to it. When this occurs, the dental bridge is securely held in its place using a dental crown that is cemented onto the natural tooth next to the gap. If you don’t have teeth adjacent to your gap, then these may be recommended by your dentist.

Maryland Bridges

Maryland bridges are similar to traditional bridges, except for one difference. These bridges do not use crowns on the teeth adjacent to the gap in the mouth. Instead, a framework, usually made of metal or porcelain, is bonded onto the back of these natural teeth. You will still need to have two healthy teeth on either side of the gap, just as you would with traditional bridges.

If you are missing any teeth and would like to know how your dentist can replace them and restore your smile, call us or fill out the new patient form below.

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